Balasore Law College
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  1. The academic session of the college is from June to May and the college timing is 8am to 1pm.One academic session is divided into two semester i.e. one is from June to November and other is from Dec. to May.
  2. Students are advised to carry their Identity Card always with them. This will entitle them to all the privileges of a college student. Identity Card has to be produced on demand by the Authority. It must be renewed in every semester.
  3. Students are strictly forbidden from handling the electrical switches or connection or splitting the walls, black boards / white boards, pillars, floors and doors of the college in any manner.
  4. Any student wishing to make a representation on any subject has the right of access to the Principal during college hours with prior permission of the principal.
  5. Students are required to be orderly and quiet in the college.
  6. Bicycles and Two wheelers must be kept in the stand and should be locked with chain for safety. Students are not allowed to keep their bicycles and Two wheeler in front of the principals office.
  7. For the maintenance of discipline in the college, the punishments set forth below may be inflicted. Verbal and written reprimand, fine, forfeiture of fees paid, deprivation of scholarship, rustication or expulsion.
  8. Expulsion from the college may be inflicted for delinquencies of a heinous nature involving disgraceful or dishonourable conduct or moral turpitude or persistent or willful infringement of College Rules, including an organized attempt to stay from the college or create disturbances or for gross insubordination or disrespect to the constituted authority of the College or for instigating disconted breaches of discipline or for cheating or attempting to cheat or any sort of damages to the institution.
  9. A student who is rusticated or whose name is removed from the college rolls, shall, as soon as his name is struck off from the rolls, leave the college, irrespective of whether he has paid the college fees in advance or not. Fees and deposits paid by such students shall be forfeited. If such a student does not leave the college by the date he is required to do so, he shall be liable to pay penalties, in violation to the order and shall also be subject to any lawful action taken by the college authority.
  10. No club or society shall be started or maintained by any student without the approval of the principal.
  11. No meeting or demonstration shall be held in the college premises by any student without the permission of the principal.
  12. Meeting of social or academic nature may be held by the students with the prior permission of the principal.
  13. Raising of subscription from amongst the students in the college or from outsiders for any purpose is absolutely forbidden.
  14. Student seeking their College Leaving Certificate & Conduct Certificate etc. must apply to the principal in the prescribed form at least 3 days in advance along with necessary fees & clearance certificate. CLC may be issued by Registered Post to student staying away only when application is made to that effect along with a self addressed stamped envelope.

A student of this college must behave and conduct himself/herself in a disciplined manner both inside and outside the College premises. He/she must abide by all the rules and regulations prescribed from time to time by the College Authorities and shall not conduct himself/herself in any manner prejudicial to the honour and dignity of the Institution.
The campus of the College is strictly a no-smoking and non-alcoholic Zone. Any deviation from this will be seriously viewed which shall attract strong action from the authorities. Ragging and Sexual Harassment are also strictly prohibited. Strong disciplinary proceeding shall be initiated against the student violating these, which may result in severe punishment including suspension and expulsion from the Institution.
The decision of the principal with regard to the matters not covered in this calendar or with regard to any dispute arising out of the interpretation of any clause/clauses of the calendar, shall be final and binding.


In compliance to the Bar Council of India’s guide line relating to Dress Code, Students of a college shall have formal Dress as follows: For all – White/Black Trouser. Full sleeve, white Shirt, (Black Tie and Black Coat optional) Optional for Girls- Black boarded white Saree with white full sleeve blouse or White Salwar, white apron (Black coat optional).

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